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Basement Waterproofing

Turn Your Flooded Basement into a Waterproof Basement

Basement mold and mildew does more than simply ruin your belongings, it can rot the foundations of your home and threaten your family’s health. An untreated leaky basement often turns into a flooded basement. If you’re considering renovations or remodeling for your home, make sure you’re on solid footing.

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Waterproof your Basement from the Outside

Before waterproofing your basement, it pays to inspect the grounds outside your home for adequate drainage patterns away from the house. Water collects in low spots in the soil during downpours, then can trickle toward your outside walls. Next, check for broken or leaky downspouts and rain gutters.

The accumulation of moisture from soil runoff and water that streams from your roof creates hydrostatic pressure against the walls of your house and seeps into the basement. Fill all the low spots on your lawn and grounds with water-absorbent turf and soil. Then, patch or replace your gutters.

Waterproof the Inside of the Basement

Once the exterior is treated, you’re ready to waterproof the basement. If your house has a history of flooding, you should consider installing a sump pump. You’ll need to patch or repair minor cracks in your basement walls before applying sealer. The walls must be clean for the sealer to stick.

Waterproofing compounds are marketed as basement paint or waterproofing sealers and are applied with brushes or rollers. Be sure to do this work with adequate ventilation. You may also want to buy and install a dehumidifier. Sealants work, but not if your walls are severely cracked. In dire cases, you may need to call in a basement contractor. Prevention before the problem occurs is the best weapon against odors and harmful molds.

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