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A Room Addition Can Add to the Utility and Value of Your Home

By Roger Diez
Whether you need an extra bedroom or bathroom for a growing family or an office for a home-based business, a room addition can be a good alternative to moving. Properly done, a room addition can also greatly add to the resale value of your home.

Research: Estimates, Practicality

Before you decide on that room addition, first check out your local zoning laws and building codes to determine if the project is even possible. If it is, then you need to decide whether you want to go up, or out. A second-story addition has entirely different issues, constraints, and problems than a single-story expansion. No matter which you choose, get an architect to design your room addition to ensure that it is both structurally and aesthetically sound. Next, get estimates on the potential prices for the project and develop a budget and a means to pay for it.

Room Addition Advice: Plan the Work, Then Work the Plan

A room addition can be a major disruption to your lifestyle while construction is underway. Plan for the disruption and adjust your living schedule around it. If you are not in the construction trade yourself, hiring a general contractor for the project is a very good idea. A good general contractor will take care of building permits, foundations, flooring, framing, seismic issues, plumbing, heating, and electrical issues as a matter of course. And all these issues must be addressed and a properly planned and executed room addition.

If you follow this room addition advice, do your research, make your budget, and hire a responsible contractor, the process should go smoothly and you may soon be enjoying your room addition.

About the Author

Roger Diez is a freelance writer who has lived through several room additions and remodels.
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