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Cedar Shake Roofing: A Guide for Care

Although more traditional in style and elegantly attractive, cedar shake roofing requires more care than roofs made out of other materials. In fact, the life span of a cedar shake roof is only about 25 years, shorter in areas with heavy precipitation, sunlight, or other natural conditions that ware out wood roofs. In order to keep a cedar shake roof in good condition for as long as possible, heavy care and preventative maintenance are needed.

The process of cedar shake roofing care

According to the Chicago Sun Times's housing page, there are three steps in the process of caring for cedar shake roofing. These are cleaning, repair, and prevention. The three-step process is designed to minimize problems by taking preventative action while fixing any issues that are already occurring. The Sun Times recommends using a power washer to clean the roof of any debris and repairing damaged shakes. To keep the natural color and texture of the roof, using preservative agent is necessary. According to the Sun Times, the climate dictates what kind of preservative is best.

The importance of cedar shake roofing care

Unlike other materials, wood quickly looses its natural color, luster, and durability when subjected to moisture and other acts of nature. Caring for shake roofing is an important part of having a wooden roof. Otherwise, these expensive roofs will be unusable in just a few short years. By repairing any problems quickly and preventing further damage, you can avoid having to go to the expense of completely replacing your roof.

Having wooden shake roofing is a decision many homeowners make for aesthetic reasons. However, failing to care for that roof can lead to financial disaster and safety issues. Caring for your roof, however, can prevent these problems.

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