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How to Figure Roofing Prices

When faced with the fact that it is time for a new roof, many people panic. There are so many choices, not only in materials and color, but in roofing manufacturers and contractors as well. One valuable piece of information that anyone considering a new roof should be aware of is what goes into figuring out roofing prices. Things like the size of the job, the roofing material, and how much tear-off is involved are all part of the total cost. It also helps to know the average cost of the materials needed for a roofing project. Knowing this information will help you to choose the right contractor for your home.

Roofing prices; average costs of materials

Without having a contractor come and look at your home, roofing prices are hard to estimate. Knowing the costs of some of the most common materials used can help you make a good choice in contractors. Most homes are roofed with asphalt shingling, which comes in bundles and costs anywhere from $20-$35 per bundle, depending on the quality and thickness. The amount needed is determined by measuring the square footage of the roof and dividing by 100. That will give you an approximate idea of the cost of shingles. Any roofing job that will include a total tear-off will need roofing felt as well, which costs about $5-$7 per roll. The other most common material is metal trim, which goes around the bottom of the roof. Trim comes in a bundle of 25 10'long strips and costs around $30 per bundle.

Roofing prices; how much should labor cost?

Labor is the other piece that goes into figuring roofing prices. Each roofer or roofing company has their own way of figuring labor, so during your initial consultation, be sure to ask. Some charge a percentage of the material cost for labor, while others charge a flat, by the hour rate. Any type of extra repairs (i.e. chimney, skylight, roof decking) will add more to the cost of labor.


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