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Safety Considerations for DIY Roofing

A DIY roofing project is no small task. As a matter of fact, the more you learn about this type of project, the more likely you may be to want to call a contractor. Some of the information you need to help you decide if you can indeed accomplish this DIY project are the safety issues involved. Here are just a few points about safety involving roofing and roofing equipment.

DIY roofing; how to keep from falling

DIY roofing has some serious safety issues that you may not think about. One of these is the risk of falling. This could result in serious injury or even death, so it is imperative that you follow basic safety rules for construction, as well as rules specific for roofing, to prevent any bodily injury. A good place to start is to learn how to safely walk on a roof. Going up isn't too difficult, it's coming down that takes some work. The best way to walk down is diagonally, that way if you do fall, you (hopefully) will be able to catch yourself instead of falling headfirst to the ground. Another option is to sit down and scoot, though this may tear up your pants, it just may save you from something much worse.

DIY roofing; equipment and job site safety

The most important thing you can do, besides learning how to walk, is to keep your job site cleaned up. This may be more difficult with a DIY job than with one done by a contractor with his/her own crew. Make sure there are no cords or tools in your walking path to avoid self-inflicted injury.

Roofing equipment has the same safety rules as any other construction equipment, but it is even more important to follow these because you are many, many feet up in the air. Power tools should be kept away from any water sources, as a matter of fact, if there is any kind of rain, you should give it up. Electrocution is not worth trying to finish a job quickly.


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