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Ten Fixes for a Tired Home

Ten ideas to beautify your home - fast

  1. Mow the lawn: If you have a front garden, make sure that the lawn is cut and the edges of the flowerbeds and path are neat.
  2. Tend the garden: Trim straggly, overgrown plants and remove any dead ones. If you have a climber growing on the house walls make sure that windows and gutters are clear of foliage.

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  3. Sweep up leaves: Clean up fall leaves and remove debris and weeds from the front path.
  4. Wash windows: Windows are the 'eyes' of a house; if they are dirty the house somehow looks 'dead'. Give them and the paintwork a good clean inside and out. At the same time check for cracked panes, loose or missing putty.
  5. Fix windows: Missing putty or flaking paintwork can lead to rot in a wooden window frame in the course of one wet winter. Repainting not only makes the house look a lot better but you'll save yourself a lot of money in not having to replace the whole frame.
  6. Paint front doors: The front door is just as important as the windows, polish any brass door furniture and clean or repaint.
  7. Polish floors: The areas just inside the front door and stairs get more traffic than anywhere else. If you have hard floors clean and polish or consider resurfacing if they are badly worn. Likewise with carpets or rugs, clean or replace.
  8. Clean up: It is not always necessary to repaint, however, dirt and grime may build up and make your home appear older than it is. Clean paintwork paying particular attention to areas near doorknobs or fingerplates.
  9. Professionally clean: Upholstery can get very dusty and dirty especially if you have children or pets. If it's not possible to get it professionally cleaned or there is a permanent stain, use a pretty throw or quilt on top.
  10. Wash kitchen walls: Kitchens can get particularly grubby with years of use. If you have tiles, give the walls a good clean to make them sparkle.
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