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Instant Face Lift

Eight fast fixes

  1. Clean up: Wash down any paintwork and repaint chipped, peeling or faded areas.
  2. Beautify the entryway: Repaint the front door and polish any brass door furniture to make the property look cared for.
  3. Tone it down: Not everybody shares your taste in strong colored walls or loud patterned wallpaper. Some people can even be put off buying a property because of this. Consider repainting the walls a neutral color such as pale cream. This will make the rooms look bigger. White can look too cold and clinical.

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  4. Invest in carpet cleaning: Have carpets professionally cleaned paying particular attention to areas where there is a lot of traffic such as the hall or kitchen.
  5. Renew old furniture: Furniture can look tired and bring the overall atmosphere down, so either have it professionally cleaned or if this is not an option, put a pretty throw or piece of fabric over the top.
  6. Wash windows: The windows are the 'eyes' of a house. If they are dirty the overall impression is that the house is unclean and uncared for. Make sure you wash down surrounding paintwork to get the windows gleaming.
  7. Clear away clutter: People need to see the property and mentally envisage putting their own possessions in it. If it is too full or your belongings, they cannot do this easily and it also makes the house look smaller than it.
  8. Tend to the garden: Even if you are not a keen gardener, make sure that the grass has been cut and the paths weeded.
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