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Cutting Energy Costs

Ten Tips to Cut Home Energy Costs This Winter

With winter fast approaching, it is time to start considering ways you can make your home more energy efficient. The cost of heating your home is on the rise, so it is essential that you know the major areas where you could be losing valuable heat from your environment. We will concentrate on 10 areas of concern and offer specific steps you can take to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

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The Top Ten Tips for Cutting Energy Costs:

  1. Check exterior doors for their condition. Drafts in exterior doors will cost you plenty when your heating bill arrives.

  2. Install automatic closing storm doors. These will prevent heat from escaping if your main door is left open.

  3. Install storm windows on your home. Storm windows add an extra layer of protection.

  4. Examine your fireplace for performance. If you are a frequent fireplace user, this is especially important.

  5. Have your heating system examined by a certified professional. Preventative maintenance is the number one fighter of system problems during frequent-use months.

  6. Install new heating system filters. New filters will allow your system to operate more efficiently.

  7. Clean heating ducts and vents. A consistent airflow will improve your over-all system operation.

  8. Keep heating settings on manufacturer’s suggestions for optimal performance. These recommendations help you keep a consistent temperature in your environment

  9. Set your heating system on a controlled schedule. This simple step will keep you from running the heat when you are not home to enjoy it.

  10. Examine your roof for wear and tear. This is the most important layer in your home insulation equation.

These simple but effective steps will mean the difference between a manageable heating bill and one that is inflated.

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