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Tips for Keeping a Clean House

Boring, but worth it

Cleaning your house must be one of the most boring jobs, and somehow it always devolves on you; one of the classic "housewife" jobs that no-one else is really prepared to get involved in. Of course, there are smaller jobs you can perform on a daily basis such as cleaning the bath or shower straight after you've been in, dusting the living room before breakfast, etc. But you need a strategy that will work long term.

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More people=more progress

You need to call upon the whole family. First you need to recruit the kids by a judicial mixture of fun and incentive - and it doesn't need to be money. Design a large notice board for the kitchen, with a rotation of tasks for the kids and parents - make sure that the tasks are suited to their age and abilities. When they have finished their work (and you have checked that it is actually done) then you can give them a reward - a bonus for pocket money, a sleep over with friends, something that you know they really want.
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