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Lure of Fixing Up

Why it's worth it

Many homeowners dread doing fix-up work for their own home. The hassles include finding a trustworthy contractor, waiting until they are available, dealing with having your home populated by workers (and their tools, supplies and mess), and paying for it all. Is it really worth all the trouble? Millions of Americans do it every year, so there must be something that makes fixing up your own home satisfying.

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Rewarding improvements

The rewards of home improvement are numerous. First, you get to fix your home up exactly the way YOU want it. If the previous owner had some hideous old carpeting, or wallpaper, or cultivated an unattractive style in the guest bedroom, this is your chance to change it all. You can re-do as much of the house as you want to your personal specifications. But before you overhaul your entire abode to mimic a Batman-cave theme, remember that you'll want to re-sell it some day. Just because you love purple velour drapes, doesn't mean that your potential buyer several years down the road will. So fix the house up just like you want it, but remember that your home is your investment, and you should make some of the style changes on the conservative side.

Make money off your investments

The other big benefit of home improvement is that you are adding value to your asset. Each room that you modernize or better-equip is going to make your house not only more valuable but more marketable too. You'll appreciate any work that you do now when it comes time to sell several years later. And remember, don't fret too much about the cost of the improvements, because any work you do to your house may be written off at tax time.
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