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Kitchen Remodeling--Elementary Ideas: G, H, I

Running out of ideas for your home improvement projects? Gain a fresh perspective on your kitchen makeover by looking around and making a list of ideas--in alphabetical order.

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G is for Geography

The layout of your kitchen is a critical component of how well it 'flows' with your lifestyle when all is said and done. Don't be afraid to rearrange, even the big things. A contractor can help you rewire as necessary. Think about where you want to move in that space, what you'll be doing in each area, and how you would design it if you could 'do anything.' Start there and make your kitchen makeover work for you.

H if for Handyman

If you want to get the most for the time and money you' spend on a home improvement project, you may want to call a professional contractor. A contractor can help you with many of the smaller details as well as the larger projects in your kitchen, but it's important to find the right man for the job. Here's how:
  • Ask your friends--the best way to find a reliable contractor is through someone you already trust
  • Ask the contractor--find out what his credentials are, who he has worked for, and what kinds of licenses he holds
  • Ask around--find a contractor that understands your vision for your kitchen makeover, so don't limit yourself to the first one you find

I is for Inhabitants

When you think about undertaking a kitchen remodeling project, think about who you're doing it for, specifically, those who will spend their time in that space. People and pets are two of the biggest factors to consider. If your kitchen will have high traffic from kids and pets and company, you may want to rethink investing in delicate, easily destroyed, or high maintenance designs.

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