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Help your Home Look Bigger

If you desire to increase the spaciousness in your home without spending your entire paycheck on the project, concentrate on a few key areas.
  • Furniture Arrangement: Group your furniture in small configurations with ample space in between them. This will fool the eye into focusing on the space rather than the lack of. Also, take advantage of the true purpose of the spaces in your home. This will decrease needless clutter and improve your sensible use of space.
  • Creating Barriers: Hanging plants are effective separators that give the illusion of separate spaces. Especially along a high beam, plants not only separate, but they bring the outside inside. Dressing screens are another neat way to create barriers while adding color.

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  • Mirror Image: No one can deny the power of mirrors to make your home look more spacious. But a strategically placed mirror can add a whole new dimension to your living space. Mirrors reflect light throughout the room and give the illusion of depth to the wall. Choosing an eclectic mirror border helps as well.
  • Magical Lighting: Light plays an important role in the perceived space in your home. Concentrate dimmed lights behind furniture and close to artwork to draw the eye to these pieces. Flooding the room with bland overhead light loses the accentuation that is achieved through carefully placed bulbs. Also, the addition of white Christmas lights to the edges of furniture and accessories adds attractive effects.
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