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Eight Super Storage Ideas

Storing unsightly items such as paperwork, clothing, and tools can dramatically improve your home's appearance. We have a few tips and tricks for storing items your guests could really do without seeing.

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  1. Belts, ties, and scarves. Buy a length of rust proof chain (plastic coated is ideal) and attach it inside a wardrobe or on the door. Use rustproof meat hooks to hang up these items.
  2. Pantyhose. Get the cardboard bottle separators from a 12 bottle wine box and cut through the middle creating 24 individual 'pockets' Place this in your drawer and use it for storing individual pairs to stop tangling.
  3. Small items. 35mm film canisters are ideal for storing small items such as safety pins, beads, or buttons. Any photography shop is usually glad to give them away.
  4. Bedding. Winter weight quilts and duvets take up a lot of space when you're not using them in summer. Large vacuum bags are now available where air is removed using a vacuum cleaner. The resulting volume is much smaller, maximizing storage space; and they're moth proof and waterproof too.
  5. Shoes. Shoes always get into a terrible jumble, especially if they're thrown into the bottom of a wardrobe. Keep the boxes they come in, as they are much easier to stack, being a regular shape. So you know which shoes are in each one, put a photograph on the outside of the box.
  6. Flatware & Dinnerware. No matter how much storage space you have in a kitchen, there is never quite enough. Maximize cupboard space by putting cup hooks on the undersides of shelves for mugs and cups. Pronged racks are also available to be able to hang wine glasses upside-down above other stored items.
  7. Food. Many types of plastic storage canisters are available, in assorted colors, shapes, and sizes. If you purchase tall thin ones, they fit together neatly and you can take out the one you need easily without having to move any of the others first. If they are transparent, you won't even have to label them. Transfer staple goods such as flour, cornstarch, or sugar into these.
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