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What Buyers will Ask

It's all about you

Selling your house isn't just about employing a realtor. It requires you, as the primary expert on your home, to be able to answer any questions a potential buyer might ask. Knowing the answers ahead of time will make your job simpler and your experience more enjoyable.

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First and foremost, informed buyers will want to know about the condition of the house. The age and condition of the roof will be one of the initial questions they ask, as well as the age and condition of the utilities. Be prepared to answer these honestly, and if you've kept records of your routine maintenance, having the receipts to illustrate their history is an excellent way to prevent later surprises that might spoil a sale.

Utilities and "extra" costs

Outside of general house inquiries, knowledge regarding the financials of purchasing your home could aid in gaining a quicker sale. Potential buyers will want to know average monthly utility bills, the cost of land taxes, and any other expenses regarding your neighborhood, including home association bills. Again, if you have a book of records and receipts on hand to show at least a year's worth of history, you can save yourself a lot of hassle further down the road.

Neighborhoods and location

Beyond the scope of the house and its functionality, you will likely be asked about the neighborhood. Access to schools and shops, distance from major highways, and basic information regarding the area's dynamics are just a few of the possibilities that could be brought up.

By putting yourself in the buyer's shoes, you can have answers ready for their questions before they arrive to view your home. Being prepared is your best tool in making the selling process as pain-free as possible.
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