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Ten Small Improvements Before You Sell

Seller's to-do list:

  1. Repaint: If paintwork is bad or faded, then repaint. Chipped paintwork can be touched up. A newly painted front door always gives a good impression.
  2. Fix Windows: Re-putty any missing areas in window frames.
  3. Clean drains and gutters: Doing this prevents overflows and leaks, and also it gives a well-maintained impression to the viewer.

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  4. Eliminate odors: Wash your pets' bedding as this can lead to odors, which you may not notice anymore, but it might put a buyer off.
  5. Clean up: Clear away junk. Rooms look bigger if there is very little on work surfaces. Put kitchen appliances away.
  6. Remove furniture: Everybody likes to be comfortable in the den or lounge, but if it's stuffed full of furniture it makes it look smaller. The potential buyer needs to imagine his or her own furniture in there. Put extra furniture in a garage during viewings.
  7. Trim the bushes: If you have a front garden, make sure the property looks well cared for. Cut the grass and trim back straggly bushes, remove or replace dead plants.
  8. Invest in plants: Even if you are not an expert gardener, there are plenty of inexpensive shrubs and tubs. Get something appealing to put near the front door.
  9. Beautify your garden: Put bark chips around flowerbeds, they help suppress weeds and make the garden look much tidier.
  10. Re-tile: Replace any chipped wall tiles in the bathroom or kitchen.
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