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Quick Fixes to Impress Buyers

Curb appeal

First impressions or 'Curb appeal' is extremely important. The outside of the house and garden are the first things that anybody sees as they approach your property. If the building looks dilapidated, with an overgrown garden full of unfinished building work and trash, you are likely to put buyers off. Your property needs to look clean, cared for, and well maintained.

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Look through the eyes of the buyer

If you are looking to sell your home, it is vital that you see it through the eyes of a potential buyer. Better still get a trusted friend to tell you; take their honest advice and don't take it personally, your idea of something that is charming or maybe you have just got used to it could well put somebody else off. It is far too easy to live in a house and not notice things that might lose you a sale.

People view your home from the front and many buyers make an assessment of how much the home is worth while driving up to the home (or on their way by).

Fast ideas for fixing-up

  1. Paint: f you have old-fashioned tiles in the bathroom or kitchen, give them a new lease of life using tile paint.
  2. Remove furniture: A room stuffed full of furniture will make it look small, don't give the buyer the impression that they won't be able to fit their belongings in either. Remove some of the furniture and store it.
  3. Make the home consistent: Wildly varying styles throughout a house can make it look 'disjointed'. Consider painting all picture and mirror frames the same color. Black is good for a simple modern effect. Or antique gold if you want an opulent look.
  4. Buy plants: Even if you don't have a garden for flowers, just a pot plant or simple greenery can 'lift' a room and make it lively.
  5. Eliminate odors: Synthetic air fresheners can put a lot of people off as can the smell or pets or cigarettes Always open doors and windows to give it a good airing. Some people swear by baking bread or making fresh coffee shortly before a viewing.
  6. Polish furniture: The viewer will get an impression of how well you have maintained the house from how well you care fro your belongings in general. Give furniture a good polish. If you have wooden or leather furniture, the smell of traditional beeswax polish has been known to have made a sale in the past.
  7. Light the fire: Open fires are not always feasible in summer however a roaring fire in winter can really make a home seem welcoming.
  8. Clean the kitchen: Make sure that your fridge is scrupulously clean, the tiles are sparkling, and the surfaces are cleared. Remove pictures, notes, and magnetic letters from the fridge this adds to the appearance of clutter.
  9. Keep a comfortable temperature: Make sure the house is the right temperature. If you are rushing home from work to show somebody round, set the heating or air conditioning to come on earlier than usual to make sure the house is a comfortable temperature.
  10. Create space: Clear out dens, cupboards, and garages of junk. The buyer needs to see the space, not the lack of it.
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