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Earn Top Dollars For Your Home

Sell for the most money

So you've decided to sell your house. With potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, you want to sell it for as much as possible. How to ensure you get the best price for your home? The secret lies in a few simple things you can do (and some aren't even costly).

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Know the market

You need to know the market for your home. Find an agent with an established track record in your area, and have them conduct an analysis of both your home and your neighborhood. Once you get a feeling for the worth of your home and the desirability of your neighborhood, take into account other factors like trends in your area and arrive at a price that is five to ten percent above what you think your home's value is.

Inspections and reports

Once you've established an asking price, don't waste time. Make sure your agent is proactively advertising your home and setting up open houses. Every day the house sits on the market, you're paying property taxes, insurance and possibly a mortgage. Have a professional inspect your home, and make any basic and/or cosmetic repairs that you can. If you can't afford to make basic home improvements, you're better off taking out a loan to pay for them. A new coat of paint, modern countertops/cupboards, high-quality appliances, desirable carpeting and other fix-up work can have a dramatic impact on the desirability of your home, and add thousands of dollars of value to your house - beyond even what you paid for such repairs.

Sell at the right time

Studies have shown that, all things being equal, the spring and fall are the best times to sell your home, when most buyers are looking. Take advantage of this research and put your home on the market a month before it's officially spring or fall. Good luck!
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