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Window Warning Signs

Inspection time

When buying a home that isn't new, it is important to inspect it properly. The last thing a family needs after relocating into a home is a surprise need to fix something. Homebuyers should spend the proper amount of time before signing on the dotted line to make sure they're getting exactly what they're bargaining for.

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Small fixes or big cover-ups?

One aspect of a home inspection is a window check-up. Window replacement can be quite expensive, so if the windows are in disrepair, the buyer should see if they could knock the price of the house down a bit. When checking the windows, it is important to be able to determine a legitimate window repair from a simple cover-up that won't last.

Check for cracks

Rotting wood is a common problem for windows. Those selling a home should dig out any rotting wood with a screwdriver, and replace the holes with epoxy putty. They should also fill any cracks caused by exposure with putty as well. Once the cracks and holes are filled, then it is time to paint. Those covering-up a rotted or cracked window will often just slap a new coat of paint over the entire window. For this reason, it is necessary to not only look at a window while inspecting it, but also to feel it for cracks or rot.

Check for drafts

Weather stripping is another part of the window that should be checked. Eventually, all weather stripping will wear, either coming loose, breaking away, or bending. Someone doing a quick cover up job will usually just try to refasten the damaged part. This doesn't do much to keep out a draft. A good repair usually involves replacing all of the weather-stripping, not just the damaged piece.
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