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Carpet or Wood?

Carpet Molds & Stains, While Wood Shines

When thinking about home improvement ideas that are simple and effective, it is always good to consider upgrading your flooring. A new floor can have a serious impact on the beauty and resale value of your home. And while most flooring in homes is carpet, upgrading to wood flooring will offer you a host of benefits to traditional carpet. While the initial cost of this new project may seem expensive, you will be paid back double throughout the lifetime of your home in significantly lower maintenance costs and a significantly higher resale value. The varieties of wood flooring available to you are endless.

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Aesthetically Speaking - Hardwood Floor’s Beauty Factor

Speaking in simple terms of beauty and visual appeal, hardwood flooring is head and shoulders above carpet. The look of wood grain is the perfect compliment to any home d?cor, including the kitchen area. Hardwood flooring has a luster and shine that will give your home an elegant look. On the other hand, carpet is easily worn out over an extended period of time. And the maintenance on your carpet can be extensive. Carpet cleaners and cleaning takes up valuable time and resources you could be giving other projects. Hardwood floors, as you will see, are significantly easier to maintain that carpet.

Taking Care of Your Hardwood Flooring

Perhaps the biggest difference between hardwood floors and carpet is the maintenance effort you will put forth for each type of flooring. Hardwood flooring is cleaned with a simple soap solution and a mop. However, carpet requires cleaners and cleaning machines that can often run hundreds of dollars. Hardwood flooring also lasts a great deal longer than conventional carpets based on their materials.

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