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Types of Doors

You may choose from a variety of door types to adorn your home. Each type has a specific form and function that works in different parts of your home:
  • Exterior Door: An exterior door can include any entry door such as the front door, the patio door, etc. This door usually leads from the outside into your home. Exterior doors are heavier duty than interior doors, and usually have a sturdy lock system. The exterior door should be weatherproof and painted or stained with a quality product to help it last.

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  • Interior Door: The interior door includes the French door and any simple room door. These doors are lighter and usually plainer than an exterior door. The example is the French door, which has a glass middle, usually with ornate decoration.
  • Utility Door: The utility door includes the group of special purpose doors including the sliding patio door, the patio pet door, and the glass shower door. Another major category of utility door is the cabinet door. Due to their specific function, these doors should be inspected with regularity to ensure their workability.

Design and function

Door designs and functions vary widely. Double entry doorways that are connected and separate in the middle are becoming increasingly popular. Designers are constantly coming up with new ways to make doors more visually appealing, such as the stained glass door or the glass door refrigerator. With all of the recent advances, you're very likely to find a door to fit your personality.
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