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Financing Doors

Expensive, but worth it

Buying the doors of your dreams can be expensive. This is especially true if you are looking at purchasing stained glass doors, sliding French doors or other ornate door varieties. That's where financing comes in, and there are several avenues you can take when financing doors. Each choice has its positives and negatives, so weigh the options and decide which method is right for you.

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Credit Card: I know, I know...you cringe at the thought of pulling out your plastic to finance another purchase, especially if your rate is 10% or higher. But opening a new account may give you a much lower rate. And if you add in incentives like cash-back or reward programs, the case is pretty strong for traditional credit card financing.

Store Financing: Probably the easiest way to secure financing for new doors is through the store from which you are buying. Stores are a bit more flexible with their repayment terms (i.e. no payments for a period of time, etc.). Some stores will even give you a certain percentage off for opening a line of credit with them. The problem can be the often-elevated APR (Annual Percentage Rate) that kicks in when you extend beyond the "honeymoon" of payment relief. This can be upwards of 20%!

Your Bank: There is no experience quite like meekly asking your friendly financial institution for money. In fact, everyone should experience it at least once in your lifetime. The problem with bank financing is that banks usually do not want to lend you money unless you already have some. Nevertheless, those consumers who have a friendly relationship with their bank may opt to go this route.
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