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Hiring a Cleaning/Maid Service--What to Look For

By Roger Diez
With today's busy lifestyles, finding the time for housecleaning can be a problem. One solution is to hire a cleaning/maid service, but you need to be careful and selective in choosing the best one for your needs.

Get Cleaning/Maid Service Referrals

As with any home service, the best source is references from satisfied customers. Ask your friends, family, and co-workers about their experiences and interview two or three of the cleaning/maid services most frequently recommended. When you conduct the interviews, determine their prices and the services they will provide. Use a checklist of questions. The answers will give you assurance that you are hiring the services that you really need.

Cleaning/Maid Service Considerations

Remember that the cleaning/maid service employees will be working in your home, often without supervision. Make sure the company and employees are bonded. Also, workers should be insured for liability and injury. Ask about the company's policy on employee hiring and screening. Ask about their policy on cleaning products and equipment. Do they supply these, or are you expected to? If they supply the cleaning products, are they environmentally friendly? This may be an issue for you, particularly if someone in the household has allergies. What kind of satisfaction guarantee does the company have, and what is your recourse if you are not satisfied? Finally, make sure that the company pays the payroll taxes on their employees, so you are not liable.

If the prices and services, as well as their policies and procedures are satisfactory, get some references and check them out before you commit to hiring the company. If references are positive, you make find that hiring a cleaning/maid service greatly enhances the quality of your life.

About the Author

Roger Diez has a broad range of business and management experience ranging from computer engineering to sales/marketing and public relations. He has worked in economic development, print and electronic advertising, human resources, and manufacturing disciplines. Roger has Bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix with undergraduate coursework in journalism and technology.

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