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Time to Tame the Garage Monster

All summer long you have eyed the dark unknown space that was once your garage. It's been taken over by a pack of clutter beasts but it's your garage and you have vowed to reclaim lost territory!

Prepping your Garage for a Garage Storage System

Gather your courage along with an industrial strength floor broom, heavy duty garbage bags and a pressure washer, then charge! Remove everything, sort and sell the excess, or send it to a thrift shop

Yeah! I've won the garage back, now what?

Your next step should be to draw up a rough sketch of your garage, including windows, door and measurements. Now, look at the items that have to go back in and make a list of the major items as well as categories for the smaller items to be stored. Time for a road trip to pick out a garage storage system that will keep your reclaimed garage organized.

The first piece that you should consider is the garage cabinet or cabinets. It will be the largest piece of your garage storage system and should feature some locked sections for paint and solvents. Ideally your garage storage cabinet will have a work top while utilizing the space below efficiently. Some drawer space with sectioned dividers to hold screws and nails is also important when selecting a garage cabinet.

The final thing to keep in mind when comparing garage cabinets is the construction. You want it to be of a strong, rust proof material and built sturdily to withstand the rigors of life in the garage. A section of wall board with hooks for keeping tools on is a handy feature for any garage storage system. The number of different fixtures and storage devices that are available is mind boggling. That is why you have your list. Remember, you may want organization, but you don't want your garage to be taken over by your garage storage system!

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