dcsimg Home Improvement Projects


Unify your rooms

You can unify all the rooms in a level by painting them with the same color scheme. To add interest, vary the proportions of colors in each room.

Beautify your staircases

Want something more elegant than a carpeted staircase? Try tearing out the carpet and installing a hardwood such as oak on the stairs.

Room temperature

If the upper level of your home is colder than the lower level in winter, one thing to try is adding extra insulation to the upper level.

Beautify your doors

If your entryway is a 1970s-style door/fixed glass combination, consider replacing it with a more elegant double door. Install a porch with columns to add further elegance.

Let some light in

If your house is dark, why not brighten it? Tear out dark paneling and dark carpet, then paint the walls bright colors and install hardwood floors.

Is your kitchen dark and cramped? Consider adding a skylight and enlarging it by, for example, knocking down a wall and connecting it to your dining room.

A fresh coat of paint

Consider updating your home's exterior with a new color scheme. Use one color for the body of the home, a second complementary color for the trim, and a brighter color for the door.

Decorate with flowers

Plant flowers and shrubs that go with your home's colors. For instance, flowers can match the color of shutters and trim, and green shrubs can contrast with red lawn furniture.

Take care of leaks

Is water leaking into the basement level of your house? Two common culprits are poor surface drainage near the foundation, and an inefficient roof gutter system.

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