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Pool Maintenance FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions about In-ground Pool Design, Maintenance, and Construction

What kind of care does a pool need?
That question is almost too large to answer on a single page. A well-maintained pool is not difficult to care for, but there are many small steps towards a well-maintained pool. Cleaning, filtering and algae control are some of the main headings. Can a pool be damaged by leaves falling into it?
The leaves add to the bio mass and that encourages algae growth. Leaves can also clog your pool filtering equipment if they are not skimmed off manually or mechanically.

Are there safety measures to keep children and small animals from falling into the pool?
Yes! There are special fences that can be set up easily and there are pool covers strong enough for a full-sized adult to walk on. Most pool installers can also help by designing pool gates for your property.

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