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In-ground Pool Equipment

In-ground Pool Pumps, Cleaners, and Algae Treatment

Owning a pool can be an adventure if you learn how to keep it clean and safe. The basic steps needed to do this involve some chemicals, some testing equipment and some cleaning equipment. The number one enemy of the pool owner is algae. Algae is a microscopic plant found in the air. When it lands in the water it grows and coats your pool walls. Chemicals such as chlorine prevent algae from growing. You can use a small test kit to make sure the chemicals are in correct proportion.

Your pool pump circulates the water through a filter filled with sand, diatomaceous earth or manufactured filter screens. The filtered water is then returned to the pool. A pool robot is an excellent tool. It rides on the floor of your pool and vacuums up leaves and other debris. Long handled brushes and leaf scoops are handy tools for keeping the pool clean.

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