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In-Ground Concrete Swimming Pools

In-Ground Concrete Swimming Pools Offer Unlimited Design Options

Congratulations on deciding to build yourself an in-ground swimming pool. In less than a few months, you'll be dipping your feet in refreshing waters while sipping on a tropical drink. What sounds more relaxing than that? Before you start dusting off your inflatable raft, however, you've got a lot of planning to do. How will you use your pool? How will a pool serve as a complement to the rest of your property? What are the physical limitations to the area where you hope to build your pool? These questions all need to be addressed before you give the go ahead to start digging.

Think About the "Resale Value" After In-ground Pool Construction

Your swimming pool will be a wonderful source of entertainment and relaxation, but it is also an investment that will hopefully pay you dividends at some point down the road. An in-ground pool can increase the overall value of your home. How much the value increases depends heavily on the swimming pool design. If the pool is designed to add to the aesthetic value of your property, then you'll get the most bang for your buck.

Unfortunately, many in-ground pools today are pre-fabricated in a factory, with only minor attention paid to the dimensions of your property. These pools are typically made out of either fiberglass or a vinyl-liner. In order to achieve the greatest degree of design flexibility, you're going to want to use concrete to build your pool

Design Benefits of In-ground Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools are built onsite by necessity because concrete has to be poured into a hole, smoothed, and then allowed more than a week to firm up completely. Before the concrete is poured, a hole is dug and a framework grid of rebar is assembled and put into place. This onsite installation makes it easy to design the shape, size, and contour of your pool to fit your needs and property's aesthetic.

Concrete pools are especially important for those with unique space limitations to their property. Some pre-fabricated pools just won't fit in your backyard, and making them fit so save a few extra dollars can create an eyesore.

Don't Forget Your In-ground Pool's Spa

And while digging one hole for your pool, why not dig another for a spa? Sure, it will cost a bit more money in labor and materials, but a lot of the overhead expenses will have already been paid for. You won't have to hire another contractor, and won't have to schedule another delivery of concrete. Sometimes, a contractor will offer a reduced rate on a dual pool / spa installation to attract your business.

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