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What to Expect from Your Termite Treatment

Where will they go? Well, first it's important to stress the difference between a good inspector - and one who is not as competent. An expert pest control inspector will be thorough. They will look under your house - to inspect for subterranean termites - as well as in it. Termites frequently tunnel near your foundation, and you won't be able to see signs of an infestation until the damage is done. A good inspector will be able to look for this. They'll also look inside your house, in crawlspaces, attics, and anywhere there is a substantial amount of wood.

Termite Inspectors Come to the Rescue

What will they do? They'll also point out various elements in your house that might be conducive to termite infestations, such as accumulations of moisture throughout your house. If you have a slab foundation, the inspector will investigate each area where a pipe comes up through the slab.

What will they use? The inspector will be using instruments like screwdrivers, which are useful to pry at wood and check if it is weakened. They'll also use a putty knife - and a strong flashlight to get a thorough look at things.

What next? Based on what is found, the inspector will give you a recommendation for possible next steps. It can't be stressed enough; you should feel absolutely comfortable with the professionalism and expertise of your inspector. If not, they might not have given it a thorough enough search. Companies like Terminix, a leader in pest control services, offer FREE preliminary termite inspections.
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