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Termites Will Cost You; Termite Control May Save You

Termite treatment is, undeniably, expensive, and no one will tell you otherwise. But what's far more expensive is the cost of letting your pest control problem go, hoping it will resolve itself - and letting them wreak (very costly!) havoc on your house.

What Termite Control Costs

There are several different ways to approach pest control with termites. One option is to have liquid termiticides applied by a pest control service company: The cost of this depends on factors like square footage of house, as well as depth of foundation. Most companies measure by linear feet around the house.

A ballpark price range might be anywhere from $4.50 to $7.50 per linear foot. Baiting is option, the initial cost of which is generally higher than that of liquid. It too is affected by linear footage and foundation depth. And tent fumigation can cost about $30 to $45 per thousand cubic feet.

Potential Termite Damage

So now you know the costs. But have you thought about what termites can do once they start, well, tunneling through your house? Talk to anyone who's ever had a termite problem, and they'll assure you that it's no small deal! The wooden structures throughout your house can be weakened, even thoroughly damaged.

What it Costs Not to Treat Termites

As a homeowner, you're most likely interested in increasing real estate value. But once a termite infestation moves in, your home value is going to go in one direction: down. The fact is, it just makes sense to be cautious.

Have your house checked semiannually. Companies like Terminix, a leader in pest control, will even inspect your house for free -- so you can enjoy peace of mind.
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