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Cricket Control Patrol

The Disney version of crickets, sadly, in no way reflects what it's really like to have a cricket chirping in your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But before you decide to flee your house in frustration, take heart. There is something you can do about this (noisy) problem.

Midwestern Crickets

Midwestern crickets, a common breed, generally live and breed outdoors. When they're on the hunt for moisture and food, however, that's when they're going to invade your home. Like moths and other insects, crickets love bright lights - they'll be attracted to your brightly lit house, and then gain entrance through cracks, doors, and open holes in the siding.

Cricket Control Tips

Crickets can usually be found in tall grass, in woodpiles, and other places that offer them shelter and relative protection. So when it comes to preventing cricket infestations, try to make your yard as inhospitable as possible. For instance:
  1. Seal as many exterior cracks and holes as possible, because that's how crickets will try to enter your house.
  2. Clean up piles of leaves, debris, and anything else in your yard that could provide shelter to the insects.
  3. Store firewood on an elevated platform, and don't lean wood against your house, which makes it easier for crickets to come indoors.
  4. Install yellow "bug" light fixtures outside. The color of these bulbs will be unappealing to crickets, so they won't be as attracted to your home.
  5. Improve crawl space ventilation within your home. This will make such areas less attractive to camel crickets, which like to breed indoors.
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