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Bees Mean Business

There are certain types of critters that are perfect for do it yourself pest control. Ants - sure, why not? Fruit flies - they're easy enough to manage. But when it comes to bees, play it safe - and stick to the professionals. For one thing, they can be extremely dangerous; and it's not a risk worth taking.

Do It Yourself Bee Control Can 'Bee' Fatal

Jenny was severely allergic to bees - she just didn't know it. Unfortunately, she found out the hard way when she tried to get rid of some bees outside her house. She figured that spraying would be the best option.

She ventured too close to the hive, the bees were threatened, and Jenny got stung several times. Her face swelled up immediately, and she fainted. But before this happened, she was lucky: she managed to call 911 and give them her address before passing out. They sent an ambulance immediately, and she was given excellent treatment. Despite the happy outcome, the bee stings could have been fatal.

How to Get Rid of Bees

That's why it's a better idea not to mess with bees yourself. If you've noticed a swarm of bees lingering around your house, don't wait. Whether they are honey bees, carpenter bees or killer bees - a larger, much more aggressive breed - call a pest control company to take care of it.

Companies like Terminix, a leading pest control company, will evaluate your pest problem and make detailed recommendations from there. Not only will you have an expert opinion, but you'll also have peace of mind.
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