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Sending Ants on the Run

When an army of ants comes into your house, they're on the march for food - and it certainly feels like you've been attacked. Ants live in colonies, and have a rigidly structured hierarchy. During the day, the worker ants leave the nest and go out to forage for food, while the queen lays eggs. Sometimes ants will travel long distances from the nest; they find their way back by laying invisible odor trails for themselves and other workers to follow.

Here's How to Get Rid of Ants

People often just spray the ants they can see, which has little or no effect on the overall ant colony. The queen has to be destroyed, as well as others in the nest, for truly effective pest control.

Baits are a good method for eradicating a colony, and most come in plastic, child-resistant packaging. Here's how they work: when an ant enters the bait, it consumes insecticide, which it then tracks back to the nest and feeds to the colony. Try placing them along baseboards, walls, and window sills. Sometimes ants can be picky customers and only like certain types of foods; if one bait isn't working, try another.

Eradicating Ants at the Point of Entry

Frequently, ants that are seen inside your home are nesting outside. To stop this, try to locate the entry point. This may be along a window sill or under a door. Ants prefer to walk along lines and edges, so investigate any cracks or seams as well. Seal any open areas.

If you've taken several steps and still seem to have an ant problem, try calling a professional pest control company.
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