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Do-It-Yourself Pest Control for Eight Common Insect Pests

When it comes to insect problems, why not first try do it yourself pest control? Here's how to 'do it yourself' for eight common pests:
  1. Ants. To get rid of ants, you need to destroy the entire colony. Spraying individual ants as you see them, unfortunately, isn't going to accomplish much! First, seal up any open spaces and cracks you see in walls, along window sills and baseboards. Then trying ant traps with insecticide - worker ants will trek the substance back to their nest, which will destroy the rest of the colony.
  2. Roaches. Baits work well to get rid of roaches, because one roach will eat the insecticide, then carry it back to the others.
  3. Fruit flies. Fruit flies are attracted to rotten fruit, so make sure you're careful about throwing out produce that is past its expiration date. Once you've done that, you can easily make your own baits with a jar, a funnel, and something sweet to attract the flies.
  4. Spiders (Brown Recluse, Black Widow). Spiders tend to like dark, messy places, so you can make things inhospitable for them by cleaning up piles of clutter. If it's just a few spiders, you can trap them in jars, or vacuum them. Also, removing most of the insects in a house will make it much less attractive to spiders!
  5. Bees. Try an insecticide spray to get rid of bees. If the swarm remains after a day or so, then call pest control management.
  6. Flies, Crickets. For both flies and crickets, insecticide sprays or bait are two good bets. Residual sprays will last up to three months; when sprayed under sinks and in other hard-to-reach areas, it generally yields good results.
  7. Termites. Termites are probably best dealt with by a professional company. The damage they cause is frequently very serious, so don't leave your house to chance!
  8. Fleas. Fleas are attracted to pets, so if your pet goes outdoors, make sure they're wearing a flea collar and are given regular flea baths. If you do have a flea problem, destroy all your pet's bedding and vacuum thoroughly. This could do the trick - but you might need to call a pest control service.
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