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Stylish Painting Tips: Choosing Color

The best way to choose a color for the room you're planning to paint isn't to take a random spin of the color wheel. Interestingly, it isn't even to ask yourself what your favorite color is. Instead, the best way to choose a color for the room you plan to remodel is to match your furniture or accents. That's right, according to Rental Decorating Digest, accents help determine the best color of a room. You should determine what colors you like best in the furniture and accessories you have. A room styled around these colors is elegant.

The Number One Color Painting Tip: Try It Out

On the cover of a can of paint, any color can look good. On your walls, however, it's a different story. Rental Decorating Digest suggests that painters test their colors on a small piece of wall before creating a difficult-to-remove coat. In addition, because paint tends to look darker in large, open spaces, painters should continue with the coat slowly, stopping to observe at several points. This way, you can be sure that you purchased a color that you like.

Painting Tips for Two-Tones

Using more than one tone in a room can make a bold statement. In fact, this technique can completely change the feel of a room. Where to apply that second tone, however, is often a questions homeowners ask. How to apply two-tone designs to a room is largely based on what else is in that room. For instance, having a chair rail means painting a deeper shade below it, according to Rental and Decorating Digest. In choosing colors for stripes, accent walls, ceilings, and other stylistic attempts, individuals should consult the help of experts. Magazines, blogs, and other Internet sources often feature pictures of two-toned rooms. Using these as a guideline can often aid in your preparation.

Probably the most important thing about painting a room is the color. By choosing yours using informed painting tips and self-examination, you can have a stylistic, professional room.


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