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Save the Planet (and Some Money) With Green Painting Ideas

Green painting ideas are taking the remodeling world by storm. No, that doesn't mean green is the new black. Instead, it reflects one of the newest trends in remodeling-environmental friendliness. According to a recent Ipsos/McClatchy Poll, 70% of people think that global warming is real, and 61% think it is a result of human activity. Because of these staggering numbers, homeowners are trying to minimize the impact they have on the environment. By using green painting ideas, homeowners use paint and tools that eliminate or modify paint's harmful environmental impact.

Green Painting Ideas Start With Green Paint

Paint Talk, a forum for amateur and professional home painters, features a conversation among paint distributors. According to them, advertising a product as "green" doesn't boost a sale. What this means for consumers is some sleuth work. You can determine whether or not paint is green even if it isn't on the label. In addition, you want to double check cans of paint that advertise their green-ness loudly, as they could be bluffing. According to Don Vandervort's web site Home Tips.com, oil based paints often cause the most environmental damage. Many environmental agencies are taking an issue with these paints because of the solvents used in them. Because of this, latex or organic paints are better shades of green.

Green Painting Ideas Aren't Boring Painting Ideas

Just because you choose a greener paint doesn't mean you're choosing a lesser quality paint. According to The Green Brush, an environmentally friendly house painting company in Seattle, you don't sacrifice quality with green paint. Instead, there are high quality green paints just as there are high quality paints of all types. Further, green paint doesn't even have to be expensive. The Green Brush claims that because this paint is becoming popular, prices are going down. In addition, the tax credits offered by many cities and localities for green living could end up saving you money. When you choose a green painting idea, then, you choose a quality painting idea.

There are many ways to paint a home, and many types of materials to choose from. Green painting is just one idea. However, it is an idea that can leave you feeling as if you have impacted your world. It can also end up saving you money.


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