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Doing Research Improves DIY Painting For Function, Style

If you think the hardest thing about DIY paining is choosing the color, think again. There are actually many characteristics that set paints apart from each other. Some of these characteristics include the paint's finish, or sheen, and the "strength" of the paint. Determining what kind of paint to use depends on your vision for the room and how it will be used. If you want to hide imperfections, flat paint is a good choice. But you need to make sure you pick a washable paint, like Pearl or eggshell, for most walls. When you do your research about how paint looks and is used, you can design a lasting, attractive room.

DIY Painting and Sheen

A paint's sheen is also called its luster. DIY painters often don't know much about painting sheens. They are not sure when a glossy paint looks best and when a stain or flat sheen is needed. Buying paint without researching the paint's sheen and how to use paint sheens can turn DIY painting into a disaster. Different kinds of lusters look better in different kinds of rooms. By doing your own research, you can determine what kind of paint sheen is best for your project. This way, you save time and money by painting a good-looking coat the first time.

DIY Painting and DIY Cleaning

When beginning a DIY painting project, most homeowners are concerned with color. While color is important, so is scrubbability. That's right, each type of paint has a scrubbability rating that lets homeowners know how resistant it is to washing. If you're going to paint the playroom or a child's room, getting a sturdier paint is important. But rooms that are used less often can take a lighter, elegant type of paint.

From sheen to scrubbability, paints differ greatly from each other. That means DIY painting is about more than just applying paint evenly. Instead, it's also about doing proper research. When you know what kind of paint you need to meet stylistic and functional demands, DIY painting gets easier. Of course, some paint companies label their products with this kind of information. But making your own choices about paint type and color is always the best way to satisfy yourself!


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