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Lawn Care Tips

There is Fungus Among Us

We’ve all seen mushrooms in lawns before. Maybe as a kid you thought they were cute. Chances are, though, that when mushrooms or other types of fungus pop up in your lawn now, you don’t think they’re so cute anymore; in fact, lawn mushrooms can be downright nasty. The bad news is that unlike lots of other lawn problems for which chemical treatments work wonders, chemical treatments for fungus are a bad idea for home lawns. The good news is that if you take away the conditions lawn fungus thrives in, you can send it packing.

Lawn fungus thrives when there’s plenty of moisture and when conditions keep the temperature in the fungus’s favorite range. Changing either of those components can get rid of fungus types from mushrooms to pythium to dollar spot.

Tip #1 – Water your lawn in the morning. This gives moisture from the lawn’s surface time to evaporate. Blades of grass bathed in water overnight are lawn fungus’s dream come true.

Tip #2 – Make sure your lawn is draining properly. If your yard has low spots where water tends to collect, build them up. If there is something preventing water from being properly absorbed into the soil, remove it. Remember, excess moisture is your enemy.

Tip #3 – Give your lawn some air. Stagnant conditions help lawn fungus to grow. If you can remove excess ground cover or underbrush, which will allow for increased air circulation, you can stop fungus before its starts and kill it once its taken hold.

Preventing lawn fungus is far and away the best strategy, and all the tips above can help you do that. Once lawn fungus has taken hold, though, the same techniques can help you to reclaim your lawn for the plant kingdom.
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