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Mounting Options for Kitchen Sinks

When installing kitchen sinks, there are two basic ways to mount them to the counter, under-mount or a drop-in. This is important because not all sinks come in all mounting styles and not all countertops are built to work with all mounting styles. Also, each one has some advantages and disadvantages, which anyone thinking about a new sink needs to be aware of.

Undermount kitchen sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks do just what the name implies. They attach to the counter from underneath. This allows the counter to overlap the sink, allowing you to wipe crumbs directly into the sink without getting stuck in the gap left by drop-in models. It also gives the appearance of being an integrated sink without the cost. An integrated sink is one that appears as if it has been carved out of the counter, leaving no seams or any gaps of any kind.

One disadvantage of the undermount style is that you need to have a strong countertop to support them, granite or marble work well. Sometimes the weight of a heavy stainless steel can weaken the underside of your counters. If you don't have granite or marble countertops, there are ways to make sure the sink won't fall.

Drop-in kitchen sinks

Drop-in kitchen sinks are the style that "drops-in" a pre-made hole in the countertop. They are circular shaped bowls that, though often used in bathrooms, have a place in the kitchen as well. A great idea for a drop-in sink would be a kitchen prep sink, maybe in an island. A big disadvantage of this style is the gap it creates against the countertop. No matter how precise you measure, you will still need to caulk around the edge, which leaves places for crumbs and food to get stuck.

When you've decided what mounting style works best for your needs, make sure that the style you want is available in the mounting style you want. If it is, you're good to go. Now you just need to decide whether to hire someone or install it yourself.

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