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Layout Considerations for Kitchen Island Designs

As you prepare to rework or build new kitchen island designs, it's important to consider the various sizes and dimensions, along with counters and portability for modern islands. Selecting the right kitchen island designs requires a better understanding of the desired usage and styling for your particular kitchen setup. When planning to update your kitchen island, incorporating more modern trends can provide a better way to scale the installation. Factoring in the layout considerations can help ensure the island remains the focal point of your larger renovated kitchen project.

To start, you'll need to consider the various size considerations of the islands in order to meet the functional needs. The largest islands can range up to 60 inches wide, which provides amble space for serving and dining - these extended islands are ideal for larger, expansive kitchens where you want to get the most use out of the central island. More commonly large and moderate islands are between 30 and 40 inches wide, while mobile carts are in the 20-inch range.

When selecting your island, you should focus on how much portability your desire. While many home owners opt for fixed kitchen island designs, there are also portable and folding options for more flexibility. You can opt for portable islands which can stow away for storage when you need more room for tables or other kitchen items. When it comes to your island design, selecting the right counter top can ensure you get the very most out of the item. Opting for higher quality marble or granite tops can ensure you get long lasting durability from the island, as well as a top quality structure for preparing and serving.


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