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Contemporary Urban Kitchen Island Ideas

A few steps within a contemporary urban kitchen and you're likely to discover a wide variety of kitchen island ideas which amplify the existing design. Creating a unique aesthetic can provide a better way to upgrade the look and feel of your kitchen with influences from some of the leading urban design trends. With limited space, urban kitchens utilize islands for a wide variety of purposes. Whether you live in a an open area or the center of a modern metropolis, getting better use out of limited kitchen space with an island is always a smart idea.

While you may be limited in terms of width and length, you can extend kitchen island ideas vertically with multiple levels and layers above the cooking and preparing area. Adding a grill and layered dining area can allow you to easily prepare and serve meals from a central space, negating the need for a separate dining room table - for home owners with limited space this consolidation can make your cooking area much more efficient. By storing the island in the center of your kitchen you can use all four sides for racks, drawers and cabinets, allowing you to get more efficient use out of your kitchen storage while adding a 360-degree dimension to your kitchen.

Since contemporary urban apartments often have only a single cooking area, you can utilize multiple countertop surfaces to make cooking easier. Adding a wooden (carved) preparation area along with a marble serving and dining area can allow you to better cook and dine in a limited space. While you may be limited in terms of square footage, you can get even better use out of limited dining space with contemporary kitchen ideas.


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