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Starting a Kitchen Makeover on a Limited Budget

As inviting as the opportunity for a new kitchen makeover might be, the process also can be challenging for those on a limited budget. Many people put off working with a professional contractor on their kitchen upgrade because of financial constraints, only to realize they could have fulfilled all their goals with a bit of creativity. While kitchen makeover processes can be expensive when you buy all new materials, brand new appliances and work with a professional contractor, there are substitutes for all of these factors that can save you thousands.

According to MSNBC, the average kitchen renovation process costs over $15,000 which can be a substantial cost for most families. While you may not have this amount in savings allocated to the project, you can get professional quality results by making smart substitutions. To start, consider the money you place into the renovation as an investment which can increase the resale value of your home. Making small adjustments such as refaced cabinets, updated flooring and new furniture handles can all add to the visual elegance of your kitchen.

When mapping out the process make sure you avoid working with any gas or plumbing lines, which can cost thousands to update. Instead, focus on ways you can utilize your existing utilities by upgrading the exteriors with new features. Measure your kitchen ahead of time to see if you can find new lighting, sink or cabinet upgrades which will fit into your existing space. Rather than having to rely upon structural adjustments to your space you can just add new accessories, furniture or surfaces for ever better results. You can safely put off major structural or appliance upgrades into the future, helping you save thousands on the initial, upfront renovation costs.


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