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Without a doubt, one of the most popular questions that I am asked deals with how to help do-it-yourselfers transform empty space into storage space. Let’s face it: we could all use some extra space to store odds and ends. And we want to make sure that the space is both attractive and easy to access. Let’s look at some ideas.

The Storage Under the Stairs

There are a couple of really good places that homeowners often ignore when looking for good storage space. One of my personal favorites is the area located underneath your staircase. This area is usually hollowed-out and empty. With some simple measured cuts and inexpensive wood borders you can make the most of this space.

Using your Staircase for Storage Space: Four Easy Steps
  1. Measure a square entry doorway and draw lines to mark your cuts.
  2. Using a simple hand saw, cut out the area that you marked.
  3. Place wood borders, similar to the moulding design in the room, around the entry doorway.
  4. Use longer screws to attach the doorway once you filled the area with items.

The Attic is the Limit

Another overlooked area for quality storage is your attic. Though the attic is often used to store old boxes and furiniture, its organization structure is often lacking. Here are some easy steps to organizing the space in your attic to increase its potential.

A Light in the Attic: Three Steps to Organizing a Dishevelled Attic Space
  1. Use V-hinges and plywood to build shelves on your attic framework. This will create a tiered system that will almost double the storage capabilities of your attic.
  2. Reinforce your shelving units with 2x4 bits nailed under the connections.
  3. Always test the stability of your shelving by placing items one-at-a-time until you feel confident with the arrangement.

Gearing the Garage

An examination of your garage or carport will show you that you have plenty of extra space next to your vehicles that is just waiting for some kind of organization. There are two routes you can take. You can either build your own shelving units or purchase a ready-made unit from your local hardware store. Either way, you will be pleased to see the amount of storage space you can claim.

You may find other areas in your house that are perfect candidates for storage – whether under the bed, above the fridge, or below your porch. By creatively hiding the items you don’t use, you can make your home look organized and welcoming.
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