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Creative Lighting to Set the Mood

Today, our home improvement idea takes us to examine the type of lighting in your home. You would be surprised at the difference quality and creative lighting will make in the ambience of your environment. And, believe it or not, this is one of the easiest and most cost-effective improvements you can make. All it takes is some inspiration, a few easy ideas, and a trip to your local home improvement center. You can have your new lighting project completed in a day!

Know the Rules of Home Lighting

The first step in this project is to consider the types of lighting that go best in different parts of your home. In general, the latest trends are moving away from the all-consuming light source on the ceiling to lighting that is softer and illuminating from a variety of different sources in the room. Lamps will certainly fall into this category, as will track lighting. Both of these options will create a more inviting living space for you and your guests.

Lighting Placement is Everything

When choosing the location to install your track lighting system, there are generally two ways you can go. A string of track lights near the outside of your ceiling will not only soften the lighting in the room but is useful for highlighting artwork and pictures that you have one your wall. Or you can place the track in the middle of the ceiling to highlight a coffee table or nice rug. When considering lamps, look to place them in the corners of the room to even out the glow.

Home Lighting from the Bottom Up

One of the more creative ways you can light your home is by placing illumination lamps on the floor and let the light filter up. This is especially effective if the lamps are placed behind a chair or sofa. The presence of light with the absence of its source will create an inviting effect.

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