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Big Holiday Season Designs on a Not-So-Big Budget

Another holiday season is upon us, and it just doesn't seem right unless you are decorating your home to match the festive occasions, but how can you do this without spending way too much?

We will talk about some ways you can spice up your home into a holiday environment and still have some money left over for gifts. These are simple suggestions anyone can use to make the holidays brighter. All you need is your creativity and a local hardware store.

Give them the frights this Halloween

The Halloween holiday brings out the monster in us all. Why not turn your home into a house of horrors for the trick-or-treaters this season? Some strategically placed bales of hay and a carved pumpkin will set the mood.

Use cotton hangings from your gutters and archways to simulate spider webs. Also, lights hidden behind some orange tissue paper will give the night an ominous glow. For a final touch, stuff straw into some old pants and a flannel shirt for a simulation scare crow.

Dressing your home for turkey day

The Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to celebrate the browns and oranges that have made this holiday a favorite. One of the more popular trends is the appearance of Thanksgiving flags that depict the scenes of the season.

You can get a mounting kit to fix your banner on the front stoop of your home. The bales of hay that you bought for Halloween will still be useful in creating an atmosphere.

Here comes Santa Claus

The name of the Christmas season is lights. You can purchase inexpensive strands of all colors at any thrift store in your area.

Make sure that you follow the installation suggestions to ensure safety. Also, spot lights placed under trees will give a boost to your lighting design.
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