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Tile Countertops: The Pros and Cons

Choosing a countertop that is heat resistant normally ends with tile countertops. Tile is fired at extremely high temperatures and thus is capable of with standing extreme heat. Placing boiling pots on top of tile will have no affect on it. This is one very appealing quality of tile countertops.

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Drawbacks to tile countertops

One priority that many people have with countertops in general is that they are durable and easy to clean. However beautiful, tile countertops are extremely difficult to maintain and keep clean. Debris and bacteria can build up in the grout between the tiles. And due to and uneven and rough surface, tiles are often never fully cleaned. Depending up the quality of the tile, tile countertops and be susceptible to chipping and cracking. Having tile professionally installed is really the best option. The surface, which is meant to support the tiles, needs to be specially designed. Many elements need to be taken into consideration prior to installation, such as the type of sink and appliance that are going to be installed around it. Due to all these factors tile countertops are not always the first pick among builders. Often times tile countertops are as more of a personal preference by the homeowner.

Qualities of having tile countertops

The unique style and beauty that tile can achieve on a countertop is amazing. There is an art to installing tile countertops, and depending on the artistic abilities of the installer many unique appearances can be achieved. Tile, if installed and cared for properly, can be very durable. Durability is invaluable, especially in high traffic areas such as a family kitchen. Tile can be made from many different materials and can be shaped into amazing patterns that make the kitchen unique.

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