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Featuring: Marble Countertops

Are you on the lookout for a little more style and elegance in your kitchen? The natural patterns and elegant look of marble has been held in high regard for centuries. Having a solid marble countertop is an outward sign of possessing exquisite taste.

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Features of Marble Countertops

For marble countertops, marble tiles are used and cut into squares. The squares are cemented onto a countertop core, typically made from concrete. Edge finishing pieces are used for corners and rim of the countertop while the tiles are used for the flat surfaces. The edge piece of each tile and the spaces between the edge finishing pieces and marble tiles are sealed with rubber sealant. However, sealant has its pros and cons. The argument for using a sealant is the importance of preventing moisture from leaking into the marble. The argument against using a sealant revolves around some owners believing sealants ruin the natural beauty of marble. On a side note, keep in mind if you are on a limited to budget to make marble a part of your kitchen environment; buy small marble tiles and use them as highlight pieces.

Using Marble Countertops

Marble highlights, as mentioned earlier, are frequently used as centerpieces on tables and counters. In some cases, wooden edges or boarders surround the countertop and marble can be placed in the center of this area. Looking to purchase some marble? Marble fabricators can set you up with the arrangements you need; albeit with an expensive price tag. Marble tiles and fixtures are solid and strong.

With the proper care and maintenance, a marble countertop can give your house's busiest room an elegant and sophisticated look for a long time.

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