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Learning About Corian Countertops

Properties of Corian

Corian was first sold in 1967. It is a brand name of a solid surfacing material. Corian can be used for a number of different projects. The properties of corian make it such a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. It is made with an acrylic polymer that is said to be a thermosetting plastic. Which basically means that once it is molded into a shape it will not change again. Corian is heat resistant; however it is still recommended to use heating pads to help prevent any possible damage to the countertop. When corian is heated to 300 degrees it can be molded into any shape that is desired. This is how you can have molded sinks in to corian countertops, either in the kitchen or bathroom. The beauty and elegance this allows is a huge selling point for Corian. It gives such a pristine and professional look to any area where it is placed.

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Repairing Corian

It is inevitable that your corian countertop will get scratched or scuffed and it is prudent to know what to expect when that happens. When corian is made the color is set through the whole pieces so you don't get an underlying color showing through if a scratch does occur. (Another great selling point) There are several thicknesses that corian is made into. There is a sub frame that is made. Then, 6, 9, or 12mm of corian is laid on top. For everyday cleaning soapy water should work just fine. But for bigger issues, you may need to try something a bit more dramatic. Most scratches, stains and light scorches can be removed with a scrubbing pad and comet. If that doesn't work you can try using some light sand paper. The sandpaper can mess up the matte coating on top, if this should happen there is an acrylic resin that can be used to refinish the top. This shouldn't have to be done very often and is recommended to hire a trained professional to do more in-depth repairs like refinishing.

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