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How to Clean Granite Tile Kitchen Countertops

Granite tile kitchen countertops add a touch of elegance and beauty to any kitchen. The guide provided below explains how to keep your granite tile kitchen countertops clean.

  • Never place hot-pans or vessels made of metal on the surface of a granite countertop because these will leave stains. Invest in and use good quality, colorful hot pads, and coasters as buffers.
  • Never cut directly on the granite surface because even though it is a hard material, a sharp knife can scratch it. Purchase and use cutting and chopping boards instead.
  • Never use any ammonia-based products on granite countertops because they can cause considerable damage over time. Also, avoid strong acidic cleaning products. Although granite countertops are hard, they still can be damaged by the effects of harsh chemicals, especially acidic ones.
  • Always use a mild cleaning agent for cleaning granite countertops. Just fill a spray bottle with one part rubbing alcohol to three parts water. Spray it lightly on the counters and wipe with a soft sponge. You also can add a few drops of dishwashing detergent liquid to the bottle of water and then clean the countertops with this liquid.
  • Always immediately clean spilled liquids from the surface using a soft, damp sponge or rag to protect your granite kitchen countertops. This is even more important if you have countertops that are lighter in color because common food items can stain them easily.
  • Wipe down your countertops weekly using a neutral pH cleaner, such as rubbing alcohol.

With the right type of care, your granite tile kitchen countertops will last longer and stay new for a long time.


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