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Installing Composite Kitchen Countertops

The easiest and most economical way to remodel a kitchen is to retain the counters but replace the Formica. Installing kitchen countertops is not a difficult task, and anyone can do it with a little guidance. Here are some installation tips:

  1. Prepare the countertop surfaces for the new laminate. Using a putty knife, remove the old laminate. For a uniform and smooth thickness, sand the surfaces.
  2. Measure the laminate that you need to replace. Allow one-half to one inch of extra space around it to ensure a proper fit.
  3. Using a paintbrush, spread a thin cement layer on the countertop and on the backside of the laminate. Let it dry.
  4. Starting at the center of the first laminate piece, remove the spacer and put it into place, pressing firmly for a snug fit. Work your way toward the outer edges. However, ensure that it does not contact the countertop. Do the same with each laminate piece. Cut out the side pieces that will cover the edges of the countertops.
  5. Spread a single coat of contact cement on the laminate pieces, a double coat on the countertops. Leave them to dry for the recommended time.
  6. Spread a double coat of cement over the countertop, a single coat over the laminate pieces. Allow them to dry.
  7. Press the laminate strips to the edges, working out the air. Using a utility knife, cut the bottoms to the required lengths.
  8. Let the cement dry completely. Trim the bottoms using a router with a blade.
  9. Remove unwanted cement with a special solvent.
  10. The process of installing composite kitchen countertops now is complete.


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