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Granite Kitchen Countertop Prices: Classic Quality

When remodeling a kitchen, the countertop deserves special attention. A great countertop pulls together the room and complements a home's decor. While there are many choices for countertop materials, granite is often the first choice of professionals. While expensive compared to other kitchen countertop prices, it offers both classic beauty and exceptional quality.

Granite has always been the most common countertop material for higher-end kitchens. It is popular because of its rich look, color variety, and natural grain and vein patterns. Each granite slab is unique which ensures that your kitchen will look like no other.

Although granite is considered heat resistant and safe from thermal shock, it is always wise to use trivets whenever placing very hot items on a countertop. In addition, because granite is porous, it must be sealed initially after the fabrication and then resealed every year or so thereafter. Without proper sealing, granite can be stained by all types of acidic liquids such as red wine.

Granite slabs are available in 2cm and 3cm thicknesses for home use. The cost and installation of granite countertops ranges from $60 to $90 per square foot for 2cm slabs. These slabs require the installation of a plywood underlayment support over the entire countertop area before the granite countertop is installed. In addition, to prevent the edge of the unfinished plywood layer from being visible, it must be hidden from view by having a built up edge fabricated onto the granite slab. As to be expected, kitchen countertop prices of the 3cm slabs are slightly higher than those of the 2cm slabs.


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